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Address: 1 Bagrationovskiy Proyezd Bldg. 2, Moscow, 121087

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Exclusive Linguistic Solutions (Joint-Stock Company)

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The domain name is the property of Exclusive Linguistic Solutions (Joint-Stock Company). This website is the official and only website of ELS (AO). ELS (Exclusive Linguistic Solutions) is currently going through trademark registration. The company operates under its own brand, ELS, only; it is neither involved in any partnerships nor is affiliated with any other brands or linguistic service providers. The ELS brand may not be used for providing linguistic services by any other individuals or businesses.

Our company has used ELS for a while now, and we have always been delighted with the quality of their work and fast turnaround times. We hope to continue our relationship with ELS; working with them is a pleasure!

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Are you usually satisfied with the quality of service you receive? Sadly, one is more often disappointed than not.

Your lawyer has replied to your letter, but only answered some of the questions, ignoring the rest. Your real estate broker got the time of your meeting wrong, making you waste a couple of hours. Your construction workers listened to your instructions but did not even attempt following them. You finally managed to get hold of the translator when the deadline was already missed, but the work was not completed and it was too late to find someone else to do it.

We are well aware of the fact that high quality products are incompatible with poor customer service. This is why we only employ account managers who are sensitive to our clients’ needs. We respond to emails quickly and give detailed answers to all queries. We know what questions to ask to understand our clients’ exact requirements. We take care to explain what makes our services different. We immediately inform our clients of any unexpected events or circumstances. We follow the rules of business etiquette. We are not above correcting our own mistakes. We don’t go back on our promises. 

This is why, as our clients say, it is always a pleasure to work with us. 

Dmitry Kormalev
Project Coordinator, Translator, Editor