A successful and reputable business is expected to produce public documents that are linguistically impeccable, with perfect logic and style. Your company’s official communications are its calling card, crucial in making that all-important first impression. A single flaw can tarnish your public image among customers, clients, partners or investors.

At ELS, your communications are handled by professional copyeditors, translators, proofreaders and copywriters. By choosing us you will benefit from:

  • Top-quality copy that requires no further refinement
  • Time and cost savings – with us fully accountable for your copy, you won’t have to waste highly-paid staff on copyediting tasks


For example, to deliver our high quality translations we use several experienced specialists, including native foreign language speakers, at various process stages. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Perfectly accurate rendering of the source copy’s intended message without loan translations
  • Robust logic and flawless style
  • Semantic accuracy, appropriate use of tone and emphasis
  • Verified factual information (people, companies, quotations, etc.)
  • Correct use of idioms and industry-specific terminology
  • Easy flow and good rhythm
  • Impeccable spelling and punctuation
  • Corrected typography and improved formatting
  • Translations that are accessible to the target audience and native speakers in general, and read like self-contained, well-written, independent copy
  • Detailed linguistic comments highlighting flaws in the source copy or explaining our translator’s or copyeditor’s choices that may not seem obvious to the client

Rather than simple translations, what we seek to create is bespoke copy true to the rules and standards of the target language.


Establishing a long-term partnership with a provider of high quality linguistic services will give you a host of advantages over having an in-house translation department or regularly using freelance translators.

An in-house translator requires the following:

  • A workplace in an office
  • A competitive salary (including taxes and other payments) and employee benefits (as a rule, these are offered irrespective of the actual workload)
  • A second experienced linguist (copyeditor) or translation manager to check the copy (using unchecked translations is not recommended) and manage the whole process (compile glossaries, prepare instructions, terminology and formatting standards)

Using freelance translators is a cheaper option, but it can cause a number of problems.

  • There is no guarantee that a freelancer will be available at a given time, as they can tailor their schedule to their own requirements.
  • To have freelance translations checked for quality, you will either require a professional in-house copyeditor (which is the better option) or leave this task to your employees or managers who don’t specialize in copyediting; usually it’s a waste of core resources with no guaranteed quality improvement.
  • When several freelancers share a large translation project, considerable effort is required to standardize its formatting, style, terminology and concepts.
  • Capable of consistently delivering average quality translations, most freelancers are unlikely to trouble themselves with analyzing and eliminating the less obvious flaws.

By choosing ELS – either as your sole linguistic service provider or in conjunction with other companies or freelancers handling less important copy – you will be able to avoid all of the above-mentioned problems. Our competitive advantages include:

  • Availability throughout working hours (plus out-of-hours availability by prior arrangement)
  • Comprehensive services which always include rigorous quality control (by more than one person if needed)
  • A robust project management system, effective interaction with clients, as well as commitment to meeting deadlines and special requirements
  • Coordination and synergy between our language professionals and use of specific tools (glossaries, indexed databases of translated copy and translation memory software)
  • Follow-up analysis
  • Strong commitment to maximizing quality

ELS equals flawless delivery. You can trust us on this.

Thank you very much! We used other translators before we found you, but the results were disappointing… Your translation was exactly what we wanted.


As international companies conquer new markets, globalization gains momentum, and relationships between countries deepen, businesses have to translate increasingly huge amounts of industry-specific documents. Financial services, consulting, stock exchanges, high tech, telecoms – all these industries have been rapidly developing over the past decades, pushing the ever-changing technical jargon along with them. New processes, services and technologies call for new industry terms. Dozens of neologisms appear every day, and we closely follow the evolution of terminology and delve into the depths of technical jargon to ensure the most accurate and accessible translations. In other words, we are at the heart of effective communications.

Sergei Surin
Translator, Russian Editor