Exclusive Linguistic Solutions (ELS) was founded in 2004 by a group of faculty members and graduates of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Before deciding to set up their own company, they had been working for many years at high-profile Russian and global organizations, including the Big Four audit firms, international banks and major Russian corporations. They brought this invaluable experience on board their new venture, ELS.

Today, our team includes uniquely qualified language professionals – translators, copyeditors, proofreaders and copywriters – and project managers. In addition to linguistic qualifications, some of us have degrees in Economics, Media Studies, and Science, as well as experience of working for Russian banks, international consulting firms and UK media, and teaching MBA programs.

We work with a number of freelance translators and copyeditors who have passed our stringent three-step selection procedure and respect our rigorous quality and confidentiality requirements. All our in-house employees and freelance contractors must sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Our personnel management practices rest on the following four principles:

  • Stringent selection of team members based on their professional and personal qualities (we don’t work with individuals who have not met our criteria)
  • Ongoing coaching
  • No formal restrictions, flexible and comfortable working patterns
  • A generous reward and bonus system

To join our in-house team, every candidate has to pass a four-step selection process. It tests the candidate’s specialist skills and professional qualities such as concentration and attention to detail; task management; client interaction; ability to express themselves clearly, provide competent linguistic feedback and justify translation and copyediting decisions in an informed and convincing manner.

ELS translators, trained to assume that their work could go directly to the client, take full ownership of the copy they deliver. Thanks to this established practice, our copyeditors are never wasted on correcting grave and palpable errors; instead they add the final linguistic polish and refine the copy to perfection.


Our vacancies are published here and on hh.ru. If you are a professional translator or copyeditor keen to improve your skills and take ownership of the results of your work, you would be welcome in our friendly team where knowledge and experience sharing are part of the daily pattern. When recruiting a prospective in-house employee or testing a new freelance translator/copyeditor, we always look forward to a long-term relationship.


Current Job Openings


Elsevier has been a client of ELS for about five years. They can provide you with a whole range of top quality translation services. We are delighted to have found such a great team of professionals in Moscow and look forward to our continued relationship.


Reviewing our job applicants’ CVs and cover letters, we look at their style, language, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, internal logic, and the balance of original ideas and clichés.

We look beyond specialist degrees, academic qualifications, impeccable references or blue chip employers. What really matters is how job applicants express themselves in every word and phrase they write. In our book, a true language professional is the one who understands that anything with their name on it – be it a test translation, a CV or a cover letter – is viewed by a serious employer as a showcase of the candidate’s skills. In correspondence with a potential employer, members of our profession have an early chance to impress. Metaphorically speaking, if you are a good shoemaker, don’t turn up to an interview barefoot. Strangely enough, this simple thought comes as a shattering revelation for some of our applicants.

This is why we always request detailed cover letters, warning prospective job applicants that token two-liners, blanket-emailed to a dozen employers, will be ignored. But if you take the time to tailor your letter specifically for us, you will have our undivided attention.

Daria Peers
Chief English Editor